Christ and our Parish

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This weekend, we are hosting our annual Ministry Fair at the end of the Palo Verde Walkway. With an active building project and capital campaign, we often hear about how to best utilize our treasure in service to Christ and our Parish; now everyone has the opportunity to utilize, in a tangible and meaningful way, their talent in service to Christ and our Parish! Stewardship, the way we share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure, is just one way we participate in the New Evangelization!

“Your gift will return to you in full and overflowing measure pressed down shaken together to make room for more and running over.” -Pope Francis

Make a Difference—Share Your Talent

God gives it all, then calls us to share. Our personal commitment of ourselves through service in our parish provides a strong and unique connection to God through our community of faith. Stewardship has its beginning in baptism. Our baptism as one of Christ’s intentional disciples, calls us to share our gifts—including our talents. Committing our God-given talents to ministry is just as important as Stewardship of Time and Stewardship of Treasure. It is how we gratefully give back to God in thanksgiving for the talents He has given us. There are many needs within our faith community that affords us the opportunity to give. Don’t let your talents “die on the vine.” By giving of your talents, we can support our parish’s efforts to carry out the mission Christ gave us.

Don’t Wait to be Asked to Serve—Jesus Didn’t Wait

“Serving others is true leadership, said Father Raymond J. Finch, M.M. in a letter to supporters in a reflection on the Gospel of Mark 9:35-37. Noting that, “if there is a job to be done, we must not wait to be asked, but rather take the initiative and do it as a faithful servant would.” Prayerfully consider how you will be more like Jesus and serve others. Make a commitment to walk the mission of the church with our faith community!

Stewardship Begins at an Early Age

The young people in our parish make a commitment along with their parents—as a family. Lead by example—just as Jesus did! Teaching children the convictions of Christian stewardship from an early age, prepares them to serve the mission of the Church as they grow.

Did you know we have a Parish Life tab on our website that lists all the available ministries that make their homes on St. Clare’s campus? Check out the Parish Life section of the website and scroll through the pages to learn about the various ministries and see which ministry your talents are best suited to serve!

Come Meet the Ministries after Mass this weekend to learn where your talents can respond to Christ’s call to stewardship and evangelization! How is Christ calling you?