The Order of Christian Initiation for Adults process (OCIA) is a process for Adults 18+, who are seeking to inquire about the Catholic Faith, or are in need of Sacraments. During this process, the adults learn about who God is, what is the Catholic Church, and what it means to be Catholic. We delve into each of the Seven Sacraments, and the basics of the Catholic Faith.

There are two processes within OCIA. A Catechumenate is one seeking Baptism. The Candidate has been baptized, but is now seeking full initiation into the Church. This can include receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation, Confession, and First Holy Eucharist.

Each week will include about an hour lesson by a team member. We end with small group discussion afterwards. This allows the Candidates and Catechumenates to ask any questions, or share their thoughts and experiences with the group.

The summation of the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults process is the Easter Vigil.  This where the Catechumenates are baptized. They will also receive the Sacraments of Confirmation, First Holy Eucharist, and a profession of Faith. The Candidates, depending upon their Sacramental needs, will also make their Sacraments (Confirmation, and The Holy Eucharist) and/or Profession of Faith.

We look forward to journeying with you!

Meeting Day/Time

We meet once a week in the Church, on Wednesdays, for about an hour and half (this may be subject to change for the Fall of 2023).

There is no fee. Please just come with an open mind and heart to receive.


We are currently finishing our 2022-2023 OCIA Classes.