A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


These images capture the beauty of Easter weekend at St. Clare of Assisi Parish. We are grateful for our community and higher attendance this year. Happy Easter! He is Risen!


Construction Update


Concrete floor for the basement of the new activities center.

The Rummage Sale was a HUGE Success!


Thank you to so many parishioners of St. Clare of Assisi. Thanks to the chairpersons, Jackie Mialki and Lorrie Holland from the Women's Guild and Don McLane, Bruce Grattan and Wayne Lorenzana from the Knights of Columbus. Thanks to all the members of the parish and ministries who volunteered their time and backs doing pickups and deliveries, setting up, pricing and selling the donated items. Thanks to all the parishioners who donated items to be sold and coming to the sale and supporting the parish.


Scout Sunday


Our BSA Pack & Troop 400 were honored on Sunday, February 6 at 9:00am Mass for all their contributions to our community. The Pack & Troop also hosted a local food drive supporting the St. Vincent de Paul Chapter at St. Clare and demonstrated their skills for parishioners in between morning Masses.


Glad to Be Back!

09-16-2021NewsFr. Nicholas Koro, A.J.

With gratitude to God, the Almighty Father for His graces, goodness and blessings, allow me to share with you a nutshell experience of my annual vacation at home in Kenya, Africa.

I must admit that I had a very wonderful, fantastic and great holiday at home. I did enjoy every bit of my stay at home to the full. Everything was fun, refreshing and relaxing. Home was so warmly and welcoming. I was super excited to be in my old childhood familiar environs and be reunited with my family, friends and parishioners of my home parish of Good Shepherd, Kakuma, after all that long prolonged period.


Vaccines, Conscience and Mandates

09-03-2021NewsFr. Hans Ruygt

Our bishop wrote to his flock, August 27, 2021. Here is a portion of his letter.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We continue to experience the impact of the COVID-19 virus in many ways in our local community. As the number of cases and deaths are increasing with the most recent variant, we must rely on our faith in Jesus and the guidance of the Church to help us navigate these challenging times that have brought pain, confusion, and division. Let us remember always that it is Christ who heals and unites. We rely on His merciful and infinite love. (…)

In December of 2020 after the release of the first vaccinations, I shared the following guidance: “Due to the serious nature of the pandemic, Catholics should prayerfully consider getting vaccinated and consult their physicians or health care providers for personalized medical information.”