Our Parish Activities Center Project

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Campaign Prayer

Eternal Father, we ask you, through your Beloved Son,
and the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe
to pour forth your Holy Spirit upon our combined campaign.

May the light of Christ within each of us
shine forth as a beacon of hope
drawing all of us closer to You and Your Church.

Consecrate us in truth and, according to your will, accomplish your plans in us
to radiate the love and mercy of Jesus,
as exemplified by two great saints who visited our diocese,
Saint John Paul II and Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saint Clare of Assisi, pray for us.


We Ask for Your Prayers

Prayer is essential. We encourage our families and all of our parishioners to say our Campaign Prayer daily or weekly.

Church Building is Paid Off

We paid off our construction loan on September 27, 2021, so we now own the church building free and clear thanks to the tremendous generosity of our parishioners! May God bless their generosity and the legacy they have left for our community and the future.

Together Let Us Go Forth Campaign

We are conducting a “Combined Campaign.”  The Diocese of Phoenix already had a campaign in progress. We had the need for our own parish capital campaign. We put the two needs into one combined campaign.

Our Bishop initiated the Together Campaign throughout the Diocese of Phoenix in 2018. He set the goal for St. Clare Parish to raise $1,561,758.

Meanwhile our pastor and team were working on a potential budget for a new building to replace our old temporary buildings. We conducted a feasibility study with help from a professional agency. We evaluated the cost of what we thought we needed to build and we started to refine our ideas and our budget.

Our overall goal for the combined Campaign was set at $6.5 million dollars. This includes the bishop’s goal and our estimated fundraising needs. We anticipated the need also to take out a construction loan.

The breakdown is that from the bishop’s campaign goal of $1,561,758, the Diocese of Phoenix will keep sixty-five percent ($1,015,143) to fulfill diocesan needs for evangelization and other services. The Diocese will return the remaining thirty-five percent of the bishop’s goal to us at St. Clare. The Diocese will also return to St. Clare Parish all the money raised over and above the bishop’s goal amount for us to use for our construction needs.

Combining the two campaigns is the most efficient way to raise funds for the bishop and for our parish. The diocese has the specialized fundraising software and means to track donors and their donations, send out reminders and provide marketing materials. The Diocese processes all the donations and makes the disbursements back to St. Clare Parish. Read more about the diocesan campaign here:  Together Let Us Go Forth Campaign 

Our Current Facilities & Why We are Building

Groundbreaking Area

Reception Area

General Office Area

Storage Area

Our Goal

Our Parish Activities Center will include clergy and staff offices, workspaces, a event hall and kitchen, Saint Vincent de Paul service room, meeting rooms for faith formation for children, teens and adults. It will be great for our parish groups, have storage space for group activities and office archives. We will also build a small adoration chapel for extended periods of Eucharistic Adoration. We will build a plaza between the new building and the church for outdoor activities. Plus we will add some additional parking spaces.

Why Pledge?

Please prayerfully consider making a pledge to the campaign. The first donors started in 2019 and made pledges with the intention to pay their pledge over a five year period. Now that we are actually doing construction, we hope new donors will make pledges and pay them off over a shorter period. This allows us to complete more of the interior of the building. Pledges are very helpful as we analyze our cash flow and liabilities. We are very grateful for generosity of the many families that have already made pledges and are sacrificially fulfilling them.

A few features of the plan:

  • Dividable Event Hall
  • Large Kitchen
  • Classrooms
  • St Vincent de Paul Service Room
  • Parish Offices
  • Chapel
  • Audio/Visual/Technology
  • Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment
  • Rest Rooms
  • Plaza uniting new building to the church
  • Facilities Manager Room
  • Additional parking spaces


We competed the design development phase. The Diocese of Phoenix approved our budget. The City of Surprise Planning and Zoning Commission also approved our project and gave us a construction permit.


We are working with a wonderful team from Adaptive Architects, Inc. They have completed many projects throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and have worked extensively on projects for the Diocese of Phoenix.


We have a very fine and talented team for construction from Wespac Construction. They are working very hard with sub-contractors and vendors for the engineering, materials sources, labor and construction.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

We held a groundbreaking ceremony and blessing of the construction project on Sunday, November 21, 2021 which was the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. There was about a month delay in beginning the construction due to COVID.

Parish Construction Committee

Our parish Finance Council, Pastoral Council and parish staff as well as an employee of the Diocese of Phoenix Buildings and Properties Office form our construction committee as consultants and advisors.


We worked with a professional fundraising company to conduct a feasibility study in 2019. They helped us kick off the campaign at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit all of us.

We also work with the Office of Mission Advancement from the Diocese of Phoenix and our engagement manager from the Together Go Forth Campaign office.

The aerial view shows the temporary modular buildings that were placed in 2001 to serve as a multipurpose church and parish offices. The ramada gives us outdoor space with shade. The storage trailers provide much needed storage but are an eyesore. We will remove all of this when the new activities center is built and ready to use.

The visitor reception area in our parish office building is very inadequate. The photo shows the receptionist’s desk, visitor waiting area and shipping and receiving area. It is very small. The rest of the building is also cramped and impractical for the clergy and staff to serve the parishioners.

We use rolling blue dividers to form classrooms for faith formation for children. They do not isolate the noise of the other classes and it is difficult to teach the children our Catholic faith. We set up and take down these “rooms” every week.

We have had lots of fun our parish hall! The stage was used for the altar and ambo and priest from 2001-2008 while we raised money and built the permanent church. Now the stage gives us a little bit of room for social events like the Fashion Show you see in this picture. The church held about 480 people for Mass with chairs and people lining the walls and an overflow of about 200 people sitting under the ramada with speakers in the ground to hear Mass.

Commitment and Outreach

There are many parishioners who have already made pledges and payments. This is a rapidly growing area. There are many new parishioners who were not here when we started the campaign. They are not familiar with the project. We intend to reach out to them and get them up to speed on what we are doing and why we need this new building to replace the old temporary building.  COVID stopped many of our efforts. 

We will do our best to reach out to the entire community. If everyone participates to one degree or another, we will be successful. We need people to give testimony to the needs of our parish and invite greater participation from the whole parish community.

Our joined sacrifices of a little or a lot will bring our plans into reality and further our mission to live and share the beauty of our Catholic faith with this generation and those who in the future will be seeking spiritual nourishment in a Catholic community. We ask for equal sacrifice, not equal donations. Some people can donate more and some less, but all can donate from their heart.

May we build the future together for the glory of God and good of his people!

Architect Renderings

Here are five more renderings of the new activities center. Click the images to get a closer look.